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Interviews on Talk Radio are FREE

The marketing potential of talk radio is enormous. If you have a telephone you can be interviewed on talk radio shows in any location in the world, absolutely for free they will even call on their nickle! There is no need to travel.

There are literally thousands of talk show hosts who are anxious to find new and interesting guests they can interview. The problem you face is getting them to interview you, rather than someone else.

Talk Show Hosts Need Guests to Interview

Audiences are extremely loyal to their favorite talk show hosts. They listen regularly and trust the host implicitly. If the host tells them to call a congressman, they do. Often congressmen call talk show hosts and beg them to tell their listeners to stop because the response is so high their staff cannot handle it.

The trust and loyalty factor mean that if you can get interviewed the audience will beat a path to your door. Book authors sell tons of books using a toll-free fulfillment line and website. Fifteen minutes on a talk show can bring you more business or website traffic than you can get by paying for an equal amount of traditional radio advertising.

Get Booked on Radio Stations and Talk Shows

David Bresnahan has personally sold thousands of his own books as the result of talk radio interviews on hundreds of different shows. Many talk show hosts have also interviewed him because of the compelling news stories he has published as a reporter.

David's clients have had similar success stories.

Producers Need and Want More Experts for Radio Show Interviews

It is the job of a talk radio producer to get guests for the host. Your first task is to impress the producer.

You cannot impress the producer unless you get the producer's attention. You cannot just send them the same news release you send to the newspaper. David Bresnahan has found tremendous success getting his clients on the air using a non-traditional approach.

He has personally done so many interviews over the years, and already supplied so many excellent guests that producers recognize his name and pay close attention when he offers a guest. David has a proprietary list of talk show producers and hosts he has worked with over the years who have asked to be on his notification list when he has a guest for them.

To stand out from the hundreds of others who send traditional news releases to producers, David sends producers a unique one-page "teaser" that not only gives them a guest and topic for an interview, it also offers suggested questions to get them started.

Producers and hosts like it when you make their job easier, so this approach has worked extremely well. Most hosts are lazy and do not want to do any research before interviewing a guest. They love to get questions in advance that help them sound good to their audience.

David Bresnahan has Been a Talk Host

David has not only been a local talk host, he also syndicated his show nationally for six years. He knows what talk show hosts are looking for, and speaks their language. He knows how to get his clients on the air.

How to be a Great Guest

Unless you are an exciting and articulate guest the talk show hosts will drop you like a hot potato. They know when they get a guest from David Bresnahan they are getting a well-prepared guest who has been trained.

David will not only teach you how to sound interesting to radio listeners, he will teach you what you must do to get the response you seek. Unless you interview correctly you will not get any results at all.

Your First Interview is only Days Away

New clients are offered a special discounted package of services, which can be ordered instantly on-line. CLICK HERE to begin the process now.

"When David Bresnahan from '' calls and tells me he has a great guest I can count on the fact that he really does. He does great news articles, and we love to interview him when he has a particularly good one. We just about always book the guests he offers." Marie Gunther, talk show producer "The Power Hour."


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