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How to Write and Send a Press Release Yourself

Two Easy Steps for DIY Press Releases

Step 1: Write the Press Release

It is not easy to write a press release, but if you are willing to invest some time and effort you may find that you can do it yourself. Please scroll down to see the tips and suggestions that should help you succeed.

Step 2: Send the Press Release

There are MANY online wire services and press release distribution web sites. A few are free, but most cost money. You get what you pay for. It will take you a few hours to do it yourself, and hundreds of dollars. However, you can save time and money if you use Datsyn to send it for you. They charge a VERY SMALL FEE and do all the work for you. It is well worth it. You should check them out at this link...

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Do-It-Yourself Press Release, Article, and Marketing Resources

Book Authors!

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CHEAP Article Distribution

Articles are NOT the same as press releases. DO NOT send an article to a press release wire service. They will either reject your hard work or BAN YOU from their site. Articles MUST go to article websites and press releases must go to press release websites. LUCKY YOU, the Datsyn site distributes BOTH articles and press releases, so you can get it all done on the same site.

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Article Writing and Distribution Help

There are several different resources available. Take a look at each one and use whatever looks best for you particular needs.

Article Submitter to Blogs

Do you want your article to show up in hundreds of Blogs? Then this is for you...

Write and Publish Articles Complete Package

Everything you need to write and then submit hundreds of articles.

How to Make Sales with Article Marketing

Step by Step How-to Guide to Article Marketing, Perfect for Getting Started.

How to Write Articles that Bring Sales

If you need help with the basics on how to write an article that actually gets results, this is for you!

DIY Tips to Write a Press Release

Follow these guidelines to write your own news release, however when you write your own press release you run the risk of turning off the media instead of getting them excited about you. Why not call for a free consultation to help you plan your publicity campaign.

  1. Make it "newsworthy." Perhaps your company has a new product, a new management team, or new web site. But, as excited as you may be, those topics are not "newsworthy" unless you can come up with a unique angle or approach. Your opening sentence should be so compelling that it will capture the attention of the media you send it to. They are anxious to find fresh stories they can run, but they will not do your creative work for you.
  2. Avoid cliches, hype and fluff. Do not use exclamation marks, or say things like "save money," or "superior customer service."
  3. Use real life examples. Tell a true example of how someone used your service and changed their life, became more healthy, started a new career, and so on.
  4. Tie your story to current events or social issues. Editors like to find stories that tie in to current events in the news.
  5. Use active voice. Use verbs in the active voice to bring your release to life. Passive voice turns editors off very fast.
  6. Keep it short. The fewer words the better. Stick to one page, which is 400 words or less.
  7. Leave out the jargon. Use easy to understand terms and ordinary language. Write to a general readership, unless your target publication is a specific trade journal.
  8. Use correct style and grammar. Use Associated Press style unless you are targeting a specific publication that uses some other style. Correct spelling and grammar are essential. Proofread your release.
  9. Get permission. Never mention the name of a person, company, ticker symbol, or other identifying information without permission.
  10. Use a standard press release format. Editors do not want to hunt for the information they need.
  11. Submit it to the right person. You can waste a great deal of time and effort if you do not send your completed release to the person who decides whether to pursue it or not.

Avoid Costly Mistakes when You
Write Your Own Press Release

The average business person who has never done a news release can easily spend the better part of a day or more trying to do it themself, with the idea that they will save money. Most inexperienced news release writers spend at least five to eight hours on the project, then submit it to an ineffective list with no results. Opportunity cost alone in this situation is very high.

That PR Guy offers fast, efficient service at a price that cannot be beat. David Bresnahan will write and submit your news release for less money than others charge for the news release alone.

Affordable Press Release Writing

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