Publicity and Public Relations Guarantee

Thank you for this opportunity to service your public relations and publicity needs. I guarantee the lowest price on the Internet for my services, and I guarantee placement in the media. There are no cash refunds for any reason. Here is how the guarantee works.

I guarantee that if you find the same service for a lower price from a legitimate public relations firm with prices published on the Internet, I will match that price and take an additional 10 percent off. (Please notify me of a lower price before you make payment to me so I can adjust the fee you are charged accordingly.)

If you order at least one release written and distributed by me, I guarantee that it will appear in at least one legitimate news publication for a minimum of 30 days. If this does not happen I will resend the release as often as needed until the guarantee is met at no additional charge. Please notify me within 30 days of the date your release was distributed if you cannot find it published in a news publication.

If you are not satisfied with my work, please notify me in writing within 30 days and I will rewrite your release and resubmit it to the media as often as you request until you are happy with my writing and until it is published in on-line or off-line media or both.

End of guarantee.

Terms and Conditions

Note: The above information is my guarantee. The information below is intended to help clients understand the process and the terms and conditions by which the services are provided. If you do not agree to these terms please notify David M. Bresnahan before services begin.

Your press release will be created from information you supply. You take full responsibility for the information in the release, or lack of information as well as the accuracy of that information. This can be sent by text in an e-mail and/or links to information available on the web. If needed, we can set up a time for a phone interview as part of the information gathering process. A draft will be created and sent to you for review and corrections. Once a final version is approved it will be distributed on the date you specify. Unless you specifically pay a fee for consulting and research, those servcies are not included. You are paying a flat rate for the writing and sending of a press release created by your authority only from information you provide.

The following information is provided to new clients to help you understand the process I will use to complete your project. This method enables me to keep my prices the lowest you can find.

  1. Initial phone consultation as needed Plan on 15 to 30 minutes to enable us to discuss all aspects of your campaign and establish a plan.
  2. Communication After the initial consultation it saves time for us to communicate as much as possible using e-mail. This insures all parties have written records of drafts, corrections, approvals, etc.
  3. Information to be used The client is to provide all information from which the release will be created, as stated above. I need all the basics of who, what, when, where, why, how, and your general strategy and goal.
  4. Draft I will send the client a draft of each release or other document. Please review it carefully, respond to any questions I ask, and return it as text in an e-mail with corrections you would like. It may be necessary to go over the draft while talking by phone.
  5. Corrections of factual information The client will provide corrections if needed by making corections to the draft as text in an e-mail (no attachments). This is not an opportunity to totally rewrite a draft. Corrections to make the release factually accurate are all that can be made at this stage.
  6. Final copy Corrections will be included in a final copy and sent by e-mail to the client. The client should look it over to be sure it is really "final" and when the release is completed the way you want it you should send it in an e-mail with a note indicating that you approve.
  7. Date for release Please give a date you would like your release to be distributed. Unless you provide a specific date at the time you order your release it will be completed on a first paid first served basis with no specific deadline for completion of the work.
  8. Time Each release must be placed in the work schedule. Please indicate any necessary deadlines at the time of our initial phone consultation.
All work is done one a first-come, first served basis in the order payment is received. First I do work for monthly contracted clients, then I do the work for pay-as-you-go clients based on the order in which payment is received. The only exception to this is for those who have breaking news and must "get it out now." This rush service requires a rush fee in order for me to put all other work on hold. Please notify me if you need this service. If you need work for a particular date and do not wish to pay the rush fee then you should provide as much advance notice as possible. It would be best to provide your request for a release at least three weeks or more in advance of the date you would like it to be distributed to avoid problems getting it out on time. Please be clear when you order a release about the date you want it sent.

All press releases will be sent with a tagline at the bottom stating: Press release services provided by The contact information of the client will be included in the press release, but the contact information for ThatPRGuy will also be shown.

The purchase of a press release or press releases results in blocking time during a work schedule to enable the project to be completed. If the client does not provide the information necessary for the work and completion of the project within six months of the time the payment was made, the project will be considered to be abandoned. The amount paid will be retained and there will be no refund. If circumstances change, it is acceptable to make arrangements to apply the funds paid to a different project, but a refund will not be made under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the client to provide the information needed to do all work in a timely manner.

Additional Optional Fees

There are some wire services, such as PRWeb, eMediaWire, PRNewsWire, BusinessWire and others, that charge a fee. If one of the on-line publishers or wire services requires a fee for enhanced distribution you must request that service and make that payment along with the fee for my services.


Every client usually asks, "How do I find my release when it gets published?" does not provide a clipping service. If you pay the additional fees for PRNewswire a clipping service is included at no extra charge. If you do not pay for a clipping service you can use a search engine. I recommend BOTH Google and Google News to locate your release on the web. This means you must go to both and to get results. You will find your release within 24 to 48 hours, and it will continue to pop up on various news sites for several days. Some will carry it for just a day, while others may keep it archived indefinitely.

Your release is syndicated. It will show up as a news item on thousands of news sites for the day of the release. Unfortunately syndication does not show up on search engines.

Most print journalists are lazy. They will run your release, or parts of it, as a stand-alone article or within another article they are putting together. Usually they do this without telling you or making any contact. This could happen within a few days, but usually it takes 10 days or longer for something to show up in a print newspaper, unless your release is breaking news.

Magazines plan three to six months in advance, so a release sent today could result in a story about you six months or more from now in a magazine. Keep in mind that when journalists use your release they may just mention something from the release in a story that includes information from other sources as well.

In order to insure that every release is permanently archived on the web, I have created an archive of all the releases I write and send. If you need a link to this release please just ask and I will provide it.

I reserve the right to turn down any project for any reason. I will not provide services to any adult/sex oriented business, gambling, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, coffee, tea, or any other business or service that is immoral, controversial, or illegal. Do not even ask.

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