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Getting Media Publicity - Do it Right

To succeed in getting media coverage you must get the attention of the "gate-keeper." That is the assignment editor at the news paper, the magazine editor, or at small publications it might be the publisher. Talk shows have a producer you need to deal with.

Even if you go around the gate-keeper by going directly to the reporter, that reporter cannot do a story about you without permission from the gate-keeper.

Many small business owners decide to write up a news release and send it to the press, but very few "home-made" releases get any results. If you want a news article published about you in the paper, in a magazine, or on the Internet, there are common mistakes that will doom your efforts to failure.

Poor Quality Press Releases Bring Failure

Here is a list of the things that turn reporters off.

  • The release looks like an advertisement.
  • The release does not present anything that is "newsworthy."
  • The release lacks an interesting angle.
  • The release is not compelling enough.
  • The release uses "hype" and exaggerations.
  • The release is not written well, or contains glaring errors in spelling and grammar.
  • The release is too long.

Write a Compelling Press Release

Keep in mind that the purpose of a news release is to "sell" the media on the idea that they should do a news story about you, your service, or your worthy cause. It needs to be crafted in such a way that the first couple sentences grab their attention and make them want to know more.

The rest of the release provides enough food for thought that a typical reporter will recognize that you have something unique or different that is worth looking into as a possible story. Give them enough details to recognize the potential for a story, but leave enough unsaid to create curiosity to learn more.

How to Guarantee Your Press Release Gets Published

Your release is one of perhaps hundreds that arrive at a gate-keeper's desk during the course of a day. With the click of a mouse yours will be gone and forgotten unless it does something to grab attention within seconds.

If you want to guarantee your press release will be seen and published you need to use the services of No other PR consultant guarantees your release will be published. Only 10 - 15 percent of the releases sent out on any given day get published, and if you do not want yours to be lost in a sea of press releases then you need the services of to guarantee your release will be published.

Press Release Distribution

When you use ThatPRGuy to write and send a press release for you, you are guaranteed that it will be published. David Bresnahan will create a release that is keyword rich then distribute the press release to all on-line and off-line major media. He guarantees it will be published, including in Internet publications containing a link back to your site.

Optimized ThatPRGuy press releases are included on search engine news services such as PRWeb, Google News, Yahoo! News, Moreover, NewsNow, Topix, MSN News, Ask Jeeves News, Lycos News, NewsKnowledge, NewsNow, and more. Releases are sent to XML/RSS syndication services including Syndic8, MyYahoo!, MyMSN, Bloglines, NewsIsFree, Feedburner and Newsgator. Releases are also indexed by all major search engines such as Google, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, Dogpile, Yahoo! Search, and others. Popular news alert services including Google, Yahoo!, Feedster, and others. ThatPRGuy sends press releases to thousands of journalists and e-mail subscribers who have asked to be kept informed about breaking news on select topics.

Press releases are also sent directly to selected reporters and editors at the major English speaking newspapers as well as to AP, UPI, Reuters, and other wire services appropriate to the topic of the release.

The Benefits of Publicity in the Media

You cannot buy an advertisement that will bring you the same results you can get through regular placements in the media as news items.

The public looks at news articles, interviews on talk radio and TV, and magazine articles far differently than an actual advertisement. Good press is hard to get. It is a form of third-party referral that gives you credibility in the eyes of the public and it is free.

That PR Guy Guarantees Your Release will be Published

David Bresnahan can overcome the challenges of getting noticed by the press.

He uses a proprietary list of contacts who already know him. David sends your release to reporters who have asked to be on the list. When they see a release from "" they take time to check it out.

David has been the gate-keeper, so he has the insight it takes to craft your release in such a way that it will overcome the problems mentioned above. Put his experience and skills to work for you. Your release will be published.

New clients are offered a special discounted package of services, which can be ordered instantly on-line. CLICK HERE to begin the process now.

"We tried to write our own press release, but for some reason it got ignored. David Bresnahan wrote our release and a news story and we got a news story and a radio interview within days." Debbie at


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