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Press Release Samples

T his page contains a few samples of press releases created by David M. Bresnahan, ThatPRGuy. Each project is designed to fit the specific needs of the client, and to attract the most attention possible from the targeted media. To see more than 100 examples of press releases please CLICK here.

Some of the links below are HTML web pages, and others are PDF documents that require Adobe Acrobat to open. If you have trouble viewing any of these samples please use the "Contact" button below to request help.

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News Release - Intended to attract media attention so a reporter will write an article or news story for publication. A release can also be sent to television news stations to obtain video coverage.

News Release Sample 1 - Web Site Promotion

News Release Sample 2 - Breaking News

News Article - This is sent to media contacts who typically publish articles as is. Most appear in on-line media, but some will also show up in hard copy. Please note the "angle" of each story. A news article must be "news worthy' if it is to succeed.

News Article Sample 1 - Web Site Promotion

News Article Sample 2 - Web Site Promotion

Radio Prep Sheet - Sent to radio producers who are constantly looking for potential guests for radio and TV talk show hosts to interview. Designed to provide introductory information and sample questions the host can ask.

Talk Show Prep Sheet Sample 1 - Web Site Promotion

Talk Show Prep Sheet Sample 2 - Web Site Promotion

Web Page Sales Letter - Sales letters are used in E-mail messages, web pages, in E-books, and wherever you want to motivate a reader to take action. Sales letters can be used to sell a product, obtain donations to a worthy cause, or motivate readers to action such as taking a poll or contacting a politician to express an opinion.

Web Page Sales Letter Sample 1 - Real Estate Investment Course

Additional Press Release Samples

There are many press releases created by ThatPRGuy and archived on this site. Please feel free to browse through them. CLICK here to see many of the most recent releases sent out by ThatPRGuy.

"ThatPRGuy will get you the publicity and attention you seek from all forms of media. He knows how to get a reporter to write about you, a talk show host to interview you, get your book published, your website looking great, and more. He designed our newsletter, and he wrote and sent our press releases." -- Jeff Augason at


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